Will we break free from banking cartels?

There are chances that this transition will bring a change and new monetary set up will take a place. JP Morgan is hording silver and gold. Should we too?


What will be new means of exchange?

Logic suggest that digital money will be the future due to its practicality. In transition Silver and Gold might be good to consider as a store of value.


How does new health care look like?

Herbs & natural remedies might serve to preserve our best health. Self growth and self understanding & life-coaches might lead to healing the mind and body.


Will current economy system fail?

It seems banks are struggling to stay at power. Something is at work in the background. Stay connected, explore Road To Roota, Q-Anon on 8chan and Ivanontech.

How will new education system look like?

Mistakes might be embraced as the best way to learn. Kids should be directed and raised in environment that supports cooperation not competition.

will there be a gold standard again?

Who knows, but we should not fall into banksters traps again and learn that freedom is more valuable than convenience and ignorance.