Sick? Find the root cause

I have been a terrible book reader, never liked books and reading in general as I consider reading a slow information. At some point when stuff went down the pipe, I felt in need to search for ways, help and solutions and books came kinda handy. I have read a reasonable amount of books since then. One remains with me since then and never left.

Louise L. Hay - You can heal your life

What is so valuable about it you may ask? Well mainly the list of body issues/illnesses and the link between them and our mind and behavior.

I have lost trust in traditional medicine since my appendix was removed when I was young. Since then I was looking for answers to my health problems myself. I trust in nature as the ultimate cure and have later understood that it all starts in mind.

I was eating super-foods every day, did heavy juicing, cleanses and added a ton of natural supplements such as spirulina, chlorella, goji berries juice and such fancy stuff while eliminating fried foods, soda, and meat. It didn't matter any of that as my mind was wrapped around fear and I was stressing myself even though I was not counting money and was not having a stressful job. Colleagues at the company were having way worse diets and yet I was the one getting sick. I couldn't understand. Felt hopeless.

Today I know it was the loop of fear and stress created around it that was causing me losing myself. I understood how powerful the mind is. A few years later I have appeared in Miami with a low budget and had to survive on cheeseburgers, soda, and pizza from 7/11. My mind was in a great shape as I was happy to be in Miami and my health didn't suffer any damage during that time. 

If you eat well but your mind is not spinning on healthy stuff you might open this book and dig deeper into where your feelings, fears, and stress are coming from. If you find it too overwhelming I recommend considering a life coaching, pick a new sport, starting doing yoga or meditation.

Those are all tools that stick with me on daily basis to keep the mind in healthy shape. 


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