Hypnosis & limiting beliefs

I have recently tried online hypnosis and have been surprised about the effects.

My session was about beliefs that were rooted deeply in my mind since I was a little kid. I have discovered few crucial moments in my childhood that have been influencing me the whole life.

Money is a bad thing..

As a kid I have seen very often my parents arguing about money. My farther was the one who was holding the keys from the safe as he was the one bringing home most of the paychecks. I have seen my mom being trapped by that situation, controlled & limited. I assumed money have to be a bad thing and continued this dynamic in my own life. A belief that there is not enough.

Rich = Sick

My father died when I was 17 and was struggling with different health issues most of his life. He was a successful man, considering his business achievements and wealth. I have create a belief that sickness follows success as that was what I have seen since I was a kid. When I got successful myself I was struggling with my health the most. I remember one day breaking down associating my health issues with my financial success following my fathers role.

Love is conditional…

No matter how I was turning out as a kid it never was according to my fathers ideas. My haircut was stupid, my passion was a stupid american thing (skateboarding) and I felt like I am not good enough no matter what and how I am. until recently I have realized I am the one who had to give myself the love and not looking for it outside. I simply do like who I am the way I am.

Here is the video I have used for my experience: