Medical Medium - 9 months later


It has been over 9 months now - since I have started to drink celery juice and to follow a Medical Medium advice. It is harder then I thought to stick with everything according to Anthony, but not impossible. You will need a persistence, trust, more persistence and again more trust. It takes a lot of time to soak in all the information from the books and to remember and make it part of your life. I recommend to buy the books online and have them in electronic form so you can search through, make notes and bookmarks.

Detox & recovery issues

Weird body sensations while detoxing - balance issues, mood swings, in one day I felt like two different people. Biggest contribution to that was detoxing any my broken digestive system. Its incredible to see how digestion influences moods. I could be full of suicidal thoughts in the morning when my body was not digesting well and feel like taking on life after a healthy light meal that was soft on my digestion. I have noticed days with blurry thinking, mind fog.

* I have been struggling with these health issues for most of my life: Mononucleosis, heavy migraines, sinus, ear and gum infections, under left rib pain/bloating, low energy, lung infection, was close to heart attack and mainly long ongoing digestive issues, acid reflux and bloating + long term diarrhea.


Power of the mind

I believe in the power of the mind but what if your mind is a constant chatter that won’t give you a minute off and is always worried about something. At the moment you put it at sleep and solve one issue it brings up another possible problem to worry about?

Well that was my case. To conquer such machine a lot needs to be done. I have realized and acknowledged the power of the mind but refocusing was and still is a hell of a work. Yoga is a step one to relief and recovery.

Strong belief principles to hold on to was another one. In practice it looks like reading all possible information on healing that is from clear source - that is crucial as everything else comes with question mark and your mind will break it soon or later.

Self diagnosis

I have felt with my way of being that I am creating a serious illness in my body and if I don’t change things I will not survive. I think we don’t need a doctor to know and feel something in our bodies is off. We just need to get back in tune and listen to what our body is saying. I knew my immune system was very vulnerable and was compromised. It felt like something is taking me down. It was all self diagnosis.

The fact of taking responsibility in my own hands over my health was the biggest decision, then passion to learn and understand my body and its complexity, not giving up plays also a huge role. Nobody else will ever care from my body as much as I can and will do.


Current situation

I am still in recovery but I feel changes that are great signs of healing. My digestion is stronger and I can digest foods I couldn’t before. I do not have shortness of breath anymore and can do intense workout classes. My joints still need time to recover after such a long time of not digesting well and missing so many nutrients and minerals. No infections for many months & improved energy levels.