Medical Medium - 5 months later

It has been over 5 months now - check the article date - since I have started to drink celery juice and to follow a Medical Medium advice.

As a kid I had mononucleosis at early age, I remember suffering with heavy migraines and throwing up when I got so excited or stressed. I have been dealing with sinus infections ear infections and gum infections quiet often.

I broke or cracked my breastbone while snowboarding and falling on a rail in a snowboard park. I say broke or cracked as I never went to doctor to have it checked. This injury came back to me many years later.

Once we went for a business meeting in Las Vegas. Flying many hours, heavy partying, no sleep and Vodk+ Redbull took me completely down and since then my digestion never worked the same. I was not able to digest any foods properly, used to sit on a bathroom 8 times a day. I have never recovered. While living in Dominican Republic my digestion got another hit due to poor food hygiene there.

After 5 months of being on a diet according to the medical medium I have a normal digestion again and feel like I am finally recovering my body, who’s immune system was completely broken. I have been to many doctors before have been living quiet healthy, juicing a lot but never knew what is working and what is not.

I feel finally I have clarity and know how to steer my body to health. Besides physical part I have done a lot of work with a life coach, resolve and understood my childhood patterns and do yoga every morning.

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