Nomad's First Aid Kit


On the move since 2013 without health insurance..

Living in places like Dominican Republic where hygiene is pretty basic = challenges. Here are 3 foods that were crucial part of my first aid kit to over come my health issues. All natural.


1 - Garlic - infections

Anytime my health went down I ate garlic - two cloves a day, 1 morning & 1 evening for 3 days. I chewed the garlic properly and drink a lot of water not to burn my stomach. Usually I was okay on the last day. I usually suffer from infection of sinuses, tooth infection, flu and cold.


2 - Celery soup - digestion

I got really sick in Dominican Republic and lost serious amount of body weight, felt in life danger - H.Pylori - was doctors diagnosis. Local shaman - homeless sort of guy - told me to make a celery soup to get rid of my diarrhea that was going on for weeks. It helped and still does.


3 - Vitamin C - maintenance

To keep myself healthy while travelling I started a routine of freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice every morning = 2 to 4 lemons/limes to keep my body alkaline = unpleasant environment for illness.

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