Travel slow, live well, spend little


Two things hold people back from traveling the world,

stationary work/no time and travel expenses. We are here to address both issues by building a community of like minded people who are open to build & share rental homes around the world while using them as a source of income at the same time.

Nomads, Freelances, and people with flexible jobs,

are pioneering in the field, but what about the rest? The more of like-minded brains will join together the faster we can live the dream. The world is a beautiful place and exploring it with all the different cultures and people in it teaches us more than we can ever learn at school. 

Respect, compassion, finances, and self-growth is all packed in.

To start we are creating homes and connecting people around the world who are willing to share their homes for 1-6 months. To see some of the homes we have created or helped created so far visit: , @homemakeoverswap 


Live on the beach in the Caribbean

Dominican Republic

690 USD


Live by the turquoise sea



Sunsets, sea views, breeze and local food

Penang island / Malaysia

650 USD + car


Explore Australia

Sydney campervan

650 USD


Yoga, meditation and healthy food

Ubud / BalI

550 usd