Yoga = Happiness

Have you heard of yoga and can't understand why people are so passionate about a set of stretches? 

Let me share my story.

I have noticed that many people turn to yoga in their darkest times and it was the same for me. As a man who likes adrenaline board sports, outdoor workouts with a background in karate, soccer, and other normal man activities, yoga really never was on my list of things to do. I tried it once but never was passionate about it.

After a breakup with my girlfriend, I found myself in a dark spot. I realized I am depressed and can't get out of my head and find a positive thought or anything worth living for outside. I was free, not working having money to live and enjoy life.

I have realized the only problem I have is my mind. 

I knew only two things people recommend to work with the mind, yoga, and meditation. So before jumping out off my balcony and trying to fly, I gave myself a month to try these and that saved my life.  

I started doing yoga every day in the morning and meditation 2x a day.

I have used youtube channels and didn't spend a penny on my yoga classes. After 45 day I have felt like another person. Even walking down the stairs felt great. Not because of the stretches or that I was more flexible but because my mind was peaceful and relaxed.

I have never stopped practicing yoga since then.

Yoga gave me new feelings. I have experienced a deeper presence. Same moments didn't feel the same, all changed but just in my head. The experience of living is different and can't be compared to any sports I have done before..

Yoga is like a new color you are trying to describe to someone else. The best way to understand it is to give it a try, especially when you feel your mind is not letting you be in a peaceful state.