Lifecoach = Understand yourself

I thought I am smart, I thought I can resolve any problem in life.

But I didn't realize I am not able to see the whole picture as I stand in my own way. We are shaped and raised in certain environment, inherit habits and patterns from our parents which they inherited from their parents and they from their parents. It is along line of living thinking and seeing things in certain way we are not aware of. I felt stuck in one place, searching for solutions, trying to move forward in my life but couldn't find a way. 

With a bit of open mind I have decided to hire a life coach.  

The biggest advantage of that is that I got a completely different perspective on my life and someone who can examine and dig deep into my behavior and patterns which were running like programs under the cover, hidden and unrecognized. 

The decision and  dedication

Things started to move after I was firm on my decision and paid for my coaching which was not a little money. So I was serious about changing myself - which was the start and universe started to roll learning plans and situations to learn from and practice what my life coach have served me and discovered.

I was given tools and was held accountable

I was told what things appear in my life and how I can start working on them with given tools and techniques. In a process of 4 months I have started to see changes and was able to recognize my patterns, understand where they are coming from and why I feel certain way. 

Worth every penny

I believe everyone has a different process and can experience what life coaching did for me in other ways. One will remain the same for everyone and that is your firm decision and determination to change. If you are serious the doors will open for you.