Tiny living - a new norm

Prices of real estate are insane, mortgages are locking up people for the rest of their lives and therefore many are looking for ways how to preserve a life freedom at times of this economic transition. 

Downsizing, living in smaller spaces and with less

are the ways to go if you like to be free and flexible. Another option is to move to another country where prices are not going through the roof. Asia, Caribbean, East Europe and some South American countries are good to consider. 

Campervans & Trailers

Others more adventurous are turning into living in Campervans and motorhomes. It all depends on the level of your comfort zone.



Tiny, Container & Prefab homes

Plenty of interesting tiny home projects around the world. Below are just a few that we find interesting. Feel free to share more in the comments below.

  1. Ark Shelter - Belgium - $ 59000 


  1. Dubldom - Russia - from $ 29.750