Crypto confused?

Are you having a hard time understanding the new hype about crypto, blockchain, bitcoin and can't wrap your head around it? Welcome to the club. The good news is..  

You don't need to understand it in detail to take advantage of it. 

Fact is its a world that was created by geeks and computer smart people which excludes us, regular people, but not anymore. 

After ignoring the whole crypto scene for years I have finally realized that I know nothing about it and its time to look deeper in. It was very strange to me that someone would pay & see value - of 10k in something I have seen 0.

I have spent months exploring and sitting and watching youtube videos and channels with experts in the field and still don't understand how exactly it works but know how to take advantage of it now. 

Crypto is after all a good movement as its teaching us about what is and what is not money, how to be responsible and mainly that we can print our own. To take a shortcut I recommend to take a look at Revolut app which is one of the best banking apps I have tested so far and used since then.

Support, security, easy to buy and hold crypto, virtual cards, adn much more are the reasons I love these guys.