Medical Medium - Part 1

All my life has been a guessing game when it comes to health. Is it real what doctors, diet experts, online information, my intuition and healthy trends say? Some of that is true and some of it is not, but how do we know? I needed real experience, clarity, one direction and straight diagnose to move forward as many of you do as well.

After living many years with health issues such as heavy migraines, mononucleosis, ear infections, sinusitis, loss of smell and taste and serious digestive issues for many years.. it finally seems that there might be a clear, pure source of information.

After hearing about Anthony William I was skeptical, I always am. I question everything and especially when I can’t see it. In this case the test is simple. Protocols and diet that has no extremes and makes sense. I have decided to give a try to Medical Medium book and hope that with my consistency it will deliver.

Let’s see you here after few months.

My diagnosis after reading the books - EBV, advanced stage, STREP = my sinuses.. viral infections & heavy metals in my body. Heart issues and digestion issues in our family.