A Resilient Kind

creating a bright future together


- SHARED - sustainable - Nutritious - MINDFUL - united -


Independent together

We see a bright future, but there is work to be done to get there. Community is the driving force and ark is a visual direction to lead the way.


Home everywhere, experience everything


There is no one way to experience life. The World is our home, our playground and our work-space. We don’t believe in flags, countries, walls or borders. We are connecting exploring souls and creating a network of beautiful and affordable shared homes around the globe.


Self-growth & healing


Yoga, meditation & life-coaching are a few of the many ways of how to tame the wild mind, to bring peace and to remove stress from our lives. We are our own healers and have all the power to take care of our own well-being and welcome joy and happiness into our lives.


The ark substance


We analyze, transform, plan and create strategies to help businesses. Our focus is on positive impact & long term success of small and middle sized businesses.


Sustainable energy & transportation


Being independent means freedom and everything that brings freedom into ark lives is welcome. Solar panels, wind energy, rain water catchment setups and other sustainable & renewable practices are on our list for ark homes. The future is green. Water is our body, air our lungs.  


Future economy & education


In a transition we are, the old is being replaced by the new. What if we could exchange skills, knowledge and share goods without a middleman. A new way of education is what we need. Let our kids grow into open-minded, creative and solution seeking individuals without limiting beliefs. 





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